Making your lawn look its best begins with a quality choice of services


Let your lawn breathe! Our core aeration will open up your lawn’s root zone to life-giving water and nutrients. Aeration also helps break up the thatch layer that builds up over time on all lawns.


We’ll put down the pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides to stop weeds in their tracks. We’ll also keep your lawn thick and healthy so it can help choke out any stray weeds.


Lawn insects don’t stand a chance. We monitor for pests and control surface insects as part of your program. If grubs move in, we have effective treatments available.


When your lawn needs seeding, we’ll have the right approach to give you top results at the best price. From over-seeding to total renovation, we have your seeding needs covered.


As the heart of your lawn program, we provide the nutrition your lawn needs when it needs it. From early spring green-up to the heavy, root-building treatments in fall, we keep your grass healthy and looking great.

An Overview Of Our Process

Application 1 – Early Spring Visit
Fertilizer for early spring green-up. At this time we control broadleaf weeds and apply pre-emergent crabgrass to your lawn.

Application 2 – Late Spring Visit
Fertilization, broadleaf control, post-emergent crabgrass control and surface insect control. Also the time a preventive grub treatment is applied.

Application 3 – Summer Visit
Non-burning summer blend fertilizer is applied to sustain your lawn through the summer heat. Surface insect and weed control. This is the time to plan for seeding, if needed. Most seeding should be done in late Summer.

Application 4 – Early Fall Visit
Balanced fertilization to prepare lawn for fall. A broadleaf weed control is also applied.

Application 5 – Late Fall Visit
Granulated fertilizer for winter dormant feeding to promote healthy root system in preparation for winter stress. Your lawn will green-up sooner next spring. This is also an ideal time to lime your lawn (every 2 years to maintain proper pH.)

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